An artist project comprised of Anthony Febo and Ricky Orng, a Puerto Rican and Cambodian duo that continuously practices discovery, healing, and self preservation through their relationship with food, culture, and heartbreak.



An interactive multicultural cooking show using spoken word as a vital ingredient to create recipes for celebrations

photo by Rene Dongo, performance and interview for Sweety's Radio Show & Podcast

photo by Rene Dongo,
performance and interview for Sweety's Radio Show & Podcast


A Puerto Rican and a Cambodian walk into a kitchen. The kitchen is your heart. The food is made with food. The food is sometimes poems. Either way you are fed. Adobo-Fish-Sauce is an active choice to celebrate in the face of bitterness. It is responding to “Go back to where you come from!” by bringing where they come from right to you. The show fuses spoken word, cooking, music, crying and laughing to create a one of a kind experience that can’t be found in any restaurant or open mic.

Home Before The Streetlights Are On

Cobblestone streets. Neighbor's dog that never stops barking. That one guy in downtown that everyone knows but no one talks to. All of these things could be things you take for granted, but they are major components to your next poem about where you are from. This generative workshop places those experiences at the forefront and reestablishes a sense of pride to be where you are from.

Pass The Salt

What is better than going out to eat at a restaurant? Learning to cook with Febo and Ricky. This workshop is filled with laughter, step by step directions on how to create the dishes that were cooked in the show, and a crash course on the history of the recipe.