(excerpt) Tonight I'm Cooking
- Anthony Febo

" So tonight
I need to cook
Need to take something dead
Massage it with adobo
Let it get loose on the pan and have it dance to the song oil and sweat
Then watch it give life to those that eat it

Tonight we will eat
Tonight we will praise over our food and not worry about the language we do it in
Tonight the stereotype of being Latinx and loud does not exist here
We are all too busy reteaching our mouths how to be a host for this food
How to leave room for dessert
Because there is always dessert at my house
And they all have names
That don't have names in English
Because when you taste this good there is no need for translation
There is no english please for flavor
For tradition that keeps culture alive "

(excerpt) Poem about brunch 
- Ricky Orng

" This poem isn't about you
Or how much you want me to cook for you
This poem is about brunch
How it's not breakfast or lunch
It's the 'in-between'
You know?
That is good
And can happen whenever you want

This poem isn't about want
Or a wanting of love
Or just love
This poem isn't about how much I like you
It's about how much I like food
It just so happens a way to my heart is through my stomach
And I feel that brunch is an act of love
I mean it's the first meal of the day
You know?
Once you eventually get out of bed
And once we eventually get out of bed
You ask me to cook for you
Like you need this to live
Or love
Or at least smile or something "